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Solar energy helps you save money and support a cleaner environment.

Battery Storage

Take complete control of your energy use with Gradient Solar: the only home solar + storage solution designed by one company.


We have an option for every homeowner. Start saving money the day you flip the switch on your home solar.


Gradient Solar is the only manufacturer to offer a combined 25-year product and performance warranty guaranteeing a minimum 92% of original performance in Year 25.


The industry’s highest, commercially available standard panel efficiency. Gradient Solar cells are fundamentally different, delivering exceptional results for decades to come.

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Many Attractive Solar Financing Options Are Available. Solar loans, Power Purchase, Agreements, Solar leases and Outright cash purchases are all viable options to help you make the switch to solar power.

Our Solar Advisors evaluate your home and specific area to guide you in making the choice that best meets your financial needs.

Renewable Energy

Energy is the future, make it brilliant.

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Keep Your Environment Clean Make the Earth Green.


Significantly reduce overhead business costs and operating costs

Agricultural Solar

Solar energy helps you save money and support a cleaner environment.
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Important Things to Know Before You Go Solar

Solar Programs With No Money Down

With Ownership, PPA (power purchase agreement) , and Lease Programs get solar installed at zero dollars out of pocket.

Solar Panel Warranty

We have the standard 25 year manufacter warranty most all solar companies have, what makes us different is that we have

Solar Power With Other Home Improvements

A home solar system can be sized to accommodate future home improvements

Solar Power Increasing Your Property Value

Yes, solar panels will raise your home's property value. Although the added value can vary by location, the National...

Home Solar Systems Are an Investment, Not an Expense

The solar programs today no longer require an out of pocket expense. Homeowners are now seeing an immediate Return

Solar Energy at a Fixed Rate

With our Solar Programs we guarantee a set price for your monthly energy bill that does not fluctuate like the utility company
Environmental Benefits

The newest solar panels are more efficient than ever and are an excellent choice for your residential or commercial property. We can outfit almost any home or business with solar to help you reduce your carbon footprint and save money on utility bills. Solar is an investment in your future and the future of our planet. Go green and save more than just money in the long run. Get in touch with Sun Badger Solar to get started!

The California Public Utility Commision just passed NEM 3.0

Now, there’s a grid connection fee of $8 per kilowatt (kw) essentially, a monthly participation charge between $49-99 dollars a month to all homeowners who go solar after the implementation of the new ruling, costing the average customer around $600 – $1200 per year. This means that a storage battery will be required now

(We encourage homeowners to go solar now to get grandfathered into the current savings program before California NEM 3.0 starts after April 13th)

Commercial Solar

Advantages of a Commercial Solar PPA

There are many benefits of choosing a commercial solar PPA when your organization decides to switch to renewable energy for its manufacturing operations. Here are just a few:

Reduce energy costs immediately

Since you have transitioned to your own energy system, you will not have to deal with rate increases from traditional energy providers.

Attract new consumers to your business.

As more people are willing to support business who are working towards a greener future, you have the opportunity to...

Avoid an initial capital investment.

Since the system is financed by a third party financer, there is zero initial investment from you.

Predict energy costs.

Your PPA will deliver a predictable schedule of energy rates over the term of the contract, which is much different than utility rates that fluctuate over time.

Green energy

Saving helps you save more money

Our company values the need to provide the right combination of customer’s preferences and needs. We valued our customer’s feedback and hope to achieve maximum satisfaction.

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